Meeting Margarita and her family was my this year break through. We met at their loft house in the city center of Vilnius where we did a little family photoshoot, I was scared a little I remember - I had to do good pictures for them to be sure that they picked the right photographer for their wedding! As I felt from them and from myself everything went well, even little Leon liked me probably much more than their parents haha!

I knew from the day we met that I want to create something extraordinary and different for them as they are such a unique couple. I was adored by Margarita's gaze and Vilius deep smile and their sometimes super weird behaviour that was perfect for my eye to capture. Their wedding day felt like a movie, a movie that I was able to create through my film camera lenses. Wonderful people, great music, rustic venue, the smell of cigars and happy faces - a place to dive in creativity. Thank you Margarita and Vilius for stepping into my world and giving me a chance to show how extraordinary you are.

With love,